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Shop Expansion

Vogue is growing! Here are some photos from our current state of craziness! We’re looking forward to sharing more photos here once the update is complete. Be back soon!


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A Jansen Inspired Piece

We designed, fabricated and finished this Maison Jansen inspired piece which mimics the Parisian style with curtain lining profile back panels, fluted columns, hand rubbed and polished black enamel finish and a glazed 24 carat gold leaf top apron. Two center cylindrical raised panel doors conceal a fiddleback Sycamore interior.

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RFK Jr. Desk

We were very honored when we were asked to be a part of the Kennedy Green House project by providing Robert Kennedy Jr. a desk for his library. The house; a 1920’s colonial, was completely redesigned to utilize the latest in “green” technology to achieve a LEED certification. In keeping with the eco-conscious theme, Greg designed a desk that was classically constructed with mortise and tenon with lumber core under veneer panels using not only reclaimed Oak lumber and FSC certified materials but also salvaged antique drawer pulls  and hinges in addition to an environmentally responsible waterborne finish.  Picking up on the passions of RFK Jr; display for arrowheads, hand carved feathers and arrows were incorporated into the design. Following are a few photographs during the construction and carving by our own in house master artisan Evangelos Zisopolous.


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Vogue Furniture 1977

While digging through some old photographs, Greg found this picture of the very first Vogue workshop. As we prepare to make the move into our new office space, we feel grateful and proud of everything that has led us to this moment since our humble beginning in 1977. Greg’s first workshop was tucked away in the family garage. Every evening Greg and Jim had to sweep the driveway and tuck all of their tools away to keep Greg’s father happy. Greg and Jim are still working together, more than 40 years later!

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Surf & Turf Exteriors

Surf & Turf Exteriors

Shagreen: Individual sting ray skins dyed in a desired color and typically arranged in a diamond pattern, create a complex aggregate of color and dimension with a dramatic white eye centered on each skin. This exotic material has a long history in the decoration of furniture and has maintained it’s appeal for centuries. We designed and fabricated the shagreen covered armoire pictured below.

Cowhide: We explored using a material that is typically reserved for rugs and soft surfaces and applied it to the exterior of this armoire. We integrated solid bronze, machined, braised and patinaed handles, trim and custom full height hinges.



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A Box of Jigs

We were recently commissioned to duplicate 8 reproductions of an original Biedermeier dining chair from the early 1800’s. The chairs are produced like fine musical instruments, with multiple compound radius’s requiring a collection of custom jigs. We used precision measuring and templating to produce the custom jigs. The chairs are milled out of solid lumber and then covered in a re-sawn, purposely selected veneer. With clean lines and minimal ornamentation, they mimic the period’s unique style with simplicity, sophistication and functionality.



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Vertical Ribbons

Vertical ribbons of walnut, polished stainless, and glass greet you as you approach the entrance of this spectacular Young & Young home in Bloomfield Hills, MI. Vogue was commissioned to design, engineer, fabricate and install this front door system. The 9’ doors are constructed of engineered walnut panels, custom fabricated stainless steel and insulated glass. The images below represent the process from initial design to complete installation. Starting with Greg’s original conceptual sketches, to computer generated renderings, the installation process, and the completed front doors.

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Custom Sculptural Bangle Table

This sculptural bangle table is made from solid Mahogany lumber. Embedded within the lumber core are dual steel cables with turn buckles tightened to compress the circumference of each bangle to avoid fracturing of the end grain. Our builder, Dennis, spent over 100 hours carefully sanding every inch of each bangle to create the final textured, organic look – which was inspired from a tree seen on a hike in Aspen, CO. The pictures walk you through the process from conceptualization, through building, finishing, and the final project. Enjoy!


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3,800 Nails and One Bruised Thumb

Cross banded Ash lumber combined with 3,800 nails and one bruised thumb create two Andre Sornay inspired credenzas. Andre Sornay, born in 1902, was a French modernist furniture designer who made contemporary pieces that would end up changing the industry for the next century to come. As admirers of his work, we were thrilled when we were commissioned to do this project.  We used the same construction methods executed by Sornay in the early 20th Century.  We incorporated his most famous technique – cloutage – the process of strategically placing nails in a decorative line pattern.


IMG_3228 (1)




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Dining Room Table

Just in time for Thanksgiving! At 18′ long and almost 5′ wide the sheer size of this table is like something out of a medieval movie, it really needs to be seen to appreciate the scale! Beautiful Rosewood veneer from one of the best logs we have seen in a a while make this a one of a kind center piece to a grand dining hall.DSC_5899-HDR-1


rosewood-dining-table rosewood-dining-table-2

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